Lindsay Berg

Inventory = not for me!

Lindsay Berg

Wow. It’s 2019 already? … and I haven’t posted since mid-October. #worstbloggerever

Note: I’ll have another whole post on new years ‘resolutions’ and goals for 2019 but I want to follow up on my last post. A couple learnings since then, inventory-ing is not for me. I am not consistent enough on a daily basis to keep that going. Secondly, it’s a lot of work (I’m lazy…) and I’m just generally not good at keeping things “in it’s place.” What I WAS able to accomplish was placing all my clothes from my closet facing the opposite way (with the opening of the hanger facing out) to flush out how many clothes I don’t wear over a 60 day period of time. I ended up getting rid of SO MANY CLOTHES this way.

Other ‘to-do’s’ we have gotten done in the past couple weeks are:

  • Hung diplomas and picture frames in our office room and our extra bedroom

  • Change out all plastic hangers for velvet hangers (my clothes no longer end up on the floor).

  • Painted our main floor bathroom and found a mirror we like to replace and make it feel more “finished” (the existing mirror that we had didn’t have a frame).

  • Put all my shoes in plastic bins where they can be seen (then maybe I’ll wear more of them).

  • Installed a slide-out garbage and recycling in the kitchen. This makes such a difference - we have always just put our recycling on the counter, cluttering up our kitchen space.

  • Installed a slide-out drawers for tupperware and cutting boards (highly recommend these - we bought ‘Rev-A-Shelf’ brand from Lowes). This is such a good investment to ensure that you can see all the things that you own.

It feels so good to get so much accomplished in such a small amount of time! My lovely husband got a new job (I can post a whole novel on this in a later post) and it has allowed so much more energy and time to get this stuff done. I’ll have a whole post coming on jobs and thoughts on that front since so much has happened lately… so watch for that!

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xoxo - L