Lindsay Berg

Cleaning Service + Minimalism

Lindsay Berg

The best purchase ever = home cleaning service!

I'm embarrassed sometimes to tell other people that we have a cleaning lady (Ally, whom I ADORE - if you're in the MPLS area - hit me up and I can give you her information)!  It is by far the best $150 bucks we spend each month.  She does a deep clean every month and I come home to a clutter free, clean home.  I'm obsessed.  The perception of having a cleaning lady is not great so we try to keep it a secret.  If you are able to do it, why not?  I just can't keep up (and we don't even have kids)!

Before Ally comes, I remove all things from the countertops, etc. so that she can dust and wipe them down.  Every time I do this, the realization comes over me that I want to be more minimalistic with less on the countertops.  It's been difficult to do this for me.  I LOVE change so when I make purchases, I don't tend to get rid of anything that I currently have.

Now, I'm starting and I have no idea how! So I'm starting here: Be More With Less  - I'll keep posting about this journey!

One of the first steps is to travel with less.  It says to pack for half the days.  Soon, we are taking a trip to Hawaii and we will be gone for 12 days so they say to pack for 6 days and to wash/dry the clothes you have if you need to wear them again.  I'm going to attempt it. 

xoxo - L