Lindsay BergComment

What am I about? What is this blog all about?

Lindsay BergComment

If you've read the 'about me' section, you know that my ideal meal is popcorn and that I'm married to an accountant. These truly are important things to know about me. They caught your eye.  BUT... now you're wondering more of what this blog will be because, obviously, we have enough blogs describing how to achieve the beach wave curls, what type of paint they used on their newly painted end table, or how their teeth are so white.  Though I may post things like that (if I think they are worthy of a click from your mouse or finger), it's more to me and I hope it ends up being more to you, too.

This blog is for the risk-takers and the risk-averse humans who have a lot in their mind and in their soul.  This is here to move your emotions.  It's for any human who has felt guilt, jealousy, power, negativity, or felt like less than they are.  It's for you who have felt empowered, happy, or clutch in any way.  It's here to make you think, make you engage, and help you make sense of this crazy world that we live in.  You'll find resources, articles, podcasts, and links of what I'm loving & hating, how humans interact, gorgeous art and event happenings, as well as budgeting (and about blowing it) advice.

What drives me? What's in my core? 

  • Learning

  • Creativity

  • Honesty

  • Emotion

  • Love

What is your core? What drives you?


PS. If this isn't real life and totally what would happen, I wrote out my entire first blog post and LOVED it.  Not being used to the site, it got deleted because I tried to go to a new page and like a newby, and like most tech savvy people, hit to 'continue' on a warning (thank you alert fatigue).  I WORK IN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT.  Because... life.