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Most mornings you can find me scattered to get out the door with a cup of coffee in hand while listening to music and most nights watching a Law & Order-like drama.  The world's best food is clearly popcorn (topped with my family's special spice).  I place so much value in deep conversation with friends and family and believe that wearing your | dreams, heart & emotions | on your sleeve is such a good thing.  I am a "spender" and married to the most wonderful man, Nate, who happens to be an accountant.

My two dream professions include counseling and photography, however, I found a cozy home locally in healthcare as a business analyst at a health & wellness company in Minneapolis.  Oh, and online shopping is truly an issue *she says as she closes the JCrew and Athleta websites*

You've found 'home' if you're looking to get ideas, resources or articles of how to budget, wellness, human interaction, psychology or the occasional product* that I can't put down.  I'm a lifelong learner and a newby to blogging but can't wait to share things with you as they inspire me.

*note: none of the products on my blog are sponsored in any way.

Wedding Photo Courtesy of Janelle Elise Photography